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Mission in 360VR

These 360VR experiences invite you to engage with some of the children and families from Myanmar and all around the world.

Take a moment to share in these stories, spending some time in someone else’s shoes, looking through their eyes and hearing through their ears.

Extraordinary Missionary Month 360 VR - Celebrating Mission around the world

From the farms and red soil roads of Uganda and Ghana, to the soaring slopes and sweeping valleys of India and Myanmar, see how the work of missionaries around the world is impacting ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

Walking to school in Venilale

It's early morning in Venilale, Timor-Leste. Watch as students make their way to St Mary Mazzarello School for another school day.

Socktober 2023

Singing in the morning at St Mary Mazzarello School, Venilale

A daily ritual in Timor-Leste, watch as the children at St Mary Mazzarello School in Venilale sing in the morning before lessons start for the day.

Socktober 2023

Experience Bujuni with Harriet

Spend some time with 13-year-old Harriet in her home town of Bujuni, three hours from the Ugandan capital, Kampala. Walk with her as she shows you her home, the way to her school, and where her family sources fresh, water from the river.

2017 World Mission Appeal