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Only when a child is seen as the most valuable person, [they] become a better person.

Namdag Ivgeelt, social worker at the Don Bosco Caring Center

Nothing is more important than the safety of the child. In Mongolia, there are children without a place to call home. Children like Otgonbayar* who was left on a harsh winter day. When he was found, he was cold, undernourished and he couldn't be traced to any parents or relatives.

When he first came to the Caring Center, he was apprehensive and quiet. Without many friends, he had difficulty getting used to his new surroundings.

A year later at the Caring Center, he has grown more confident in himself, expresses himself openly and has started to dream about what he’d like to be when he grows up.

Provide urgent assistance to the Caring Center to ensure children like Otgonbayar aren’t forgotten. To ensure his story is one of hope and not tragedy.

Sadly, Otgonbayar’s story is not unique. Your support ensures children like him are given the love and care they need to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Your donation can help bring real change to children in Mongolia and across the world.

*Due to the circumstances of the children, their names have been changed and images blurred to protect their identities

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