Engaging Whole School Communities

An integrated approach

At Catholic Mission we are known for the outstanding formation we provide for staff, students and entire school communities, embedded in our programs or delivered through workshops and facilitated sessions. Our integrated approach to schools engagement means your school community can enjoy these opportunities while taking action and supporting mission projects for people in need around the world.

Student Formation

Catholic Mission offers experiential workshops and interactive multimedia resources that enable students to learn more about issues of mission and justice. These experiences encourage students to explore issues of injustice and make links to contemporary mission. Students are empowered to contribute to God’s mission in the world by supporting the work of Catholic Mission through prayer, advocacy, and action, including fundraising.

Staff Formation

Catholic Mission’s Formation Services facilitate opportunities for staff across the Catholic Education Sector to encounter God in the world through an immersive, interactive pedagogy of dialogue, encounter and experience which engages the whole person. Through our formation and educational programs, participants are invited to reflect upon their own organisational systems and structures and how they embody the ‘Joy of the Gospel’.


Socktober is a journey towards and celebration of World Mission Month. It is a comprehensive education, formation and fundraising program that engages the heads, hearts, and hands of entire school communities in the global work of mission. Socktober uses the world game of soccer to form a connection between students in Australia and the children they support with their fundraising, while also incorporating formation and education components throughout its entire structure. Through Socktober, students are invited to learn about, pray, advocate for, and financially support children and communities in need around the world.


Catholic Mission’s Australian Indigenous and overseas immersion programs aim to give senior secondary students and adults an understanding and appreciation of cultures different to their own. With critical and Christian questioning and reflection, they return home with a greater cultural awareness, a broader vision of the mission of Jesus, the work of Catholic Mission and the church, an appreciation for what they have, and a commitment to working for justice and their own personal mission to reach out and give life.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is an opportunity for employees and employers to partner with Catholic Mission to support the life-giving work of our mission partners around the world. Workplace giving can be offered by an employer or initiated by an employee and provides a great opportunity for employees to help those in need around the world while lowering their taxable income by making a regular donation through an automated, pre-tax payroll deduction.

Community Partnerships

Catholic Mission forms partnerships directly with schools and Catholic Education offices and facilitates relationships between schools and their communities through formation and fundraising activity, so that all members understand and contribute to supporting everyone to live life to the full. Community partnerships form an integral basis of Catholic Mission’s community fundraising and advocacy work, as they expand the network of advocates and the potential reach.

If you’d like to get in touch about opportunities for formation or ways you can support mission projects supporting children, communities and future church leaders around the world, please contact our team today or connect with your local Diocesan Director.