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Many Internally Displaced People in camps and other places are faced with the difficulty of having basic food. They live in fear and anxiety.”

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon

For nearly three years, Myanmar has experienced internal conflict and escalating violence, leading to widespread displacement and poverty. More than 982,000 people, forced to flee their homes due to violence, now seek refuge amidst bombings and landmine incidents.

As the conflict persists, people are forced to abandon their villages, depriving them of necessities like food, education and healthcare. Thirteen-year-old Thiri* and her family are among those now living away from home and seeking the support of the church.

The Church in Myanmar and a team of passionate and faithful missionaries are on a mission to provide a lifeline to children like Thiri and their families. Basic food packs are distributed to vulnerable communities. Each pack is filled with staple ingredients such as rice, chickpeas and cooking oil to relieve pressure on families and provide hope for a better future. It costs $360,000 to distribute food parcels to 2,000 families, or simply, $180 per family.

Pray for children in the jungle, as sorrow and suffering visits them at such a tender age. May they have safety and security from all dangers that threaten their health. Pray for the youth of Myanmar, whose dreams evaporated into overnight nightmares, that they may continue to believe in themselves, in peace and reconciliation

Cardinal Bo

Amid the conflict, Thiri holds onto hope. One day, she wants to be a teacher. However, ongoing conflicts and a shortage of food bring uncertainty over her next meal and the hope of returning home one day.

Over 2,000 families, including Thiri's, await life-giving support now.

You can help ensure the Church in Myanmar can continue to reach out to children and families, providing a hand up when it’s needed most.

With your faithful support, we can deliver life-saving food packs to people in conflict areas who have been forced to flee their homes. Importantly, any gift you make today will also help many other Church-led mission programs in vulnerable communities around the world.

Will you partner with us to help provide essential food packs to many more families just like Thiri’s who desperately need our support?

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helps provide clothing, healthcare and shelter for children who have lost their homes due to conflict.

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